Sifat-Sifat Graf Pembagi Nol pada Gelanggang Polinom Kuosien (Z_p [x])/〈x^(n+1) 〉 ×(Z_q [x])/〈x^(n+1) 〉

Dais Alifian Fatahillah, Ni Wayan Switrayni


Zero-divisor graph is an undirectedgraphwhose vertices are zero-divisors of a commutative ring and edges defined as  if and only if .Wicaksono (2013) gave some characteristics of graph zero-divisor in the modulary integer ring. This research aims to represent the zero-divisor elements of the polynomial kuosien ring where are prime numbers and  into a graph called the zero-divisor graph The method used in this research is a deduktive method. The result shows that the zero divisor graph obtained from polynomial kuosien ring is complete bipartit graph with some characteristics related to its girth, ecccentricity, radius and diameter.


polynomial ring, zero-divisor, girth, eccentricity, radius, diameter


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