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Published: 2021-12-30

The Intersection Graph of a Dihedral Group

Universitas Mataram
Universitas Mataram
Universitas Mataram
The intersection graph dihedral group subgraph


The intersection graph of a finite group G is a graph (V,E) where V is a set of all non-trivial subgroups of G and E is a set of edges where two distinct subgroups H_i , H_j  are said to be adjacent if and only if H_i \cap H_j \neq {e} . This study discusses the intersection graph of a dihedral group D_{2n} specifically the subgraph, degree of vertices, radius, diameter, girth, and domination number. From this study, we obtained that if n=p^2 then the intersection graph of D_{2n} is containing complete subgraph K_{p+2} and \gamma(\Gamma_{D_{2n}})=p. 


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